Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So anyway, it's been a little while since I blogged. Again. I'm getting slack.

We bought a bass guitar! Elspeth's fingers aren't quite long enough, but Aidan and I are picking it up reasonably well - it helps that Aidan has played guitar before, and I've played piano so I have an idea of musical theory in general.

It's stinking hot in Canberra; a typical summer here. It's never very nice. It makes going out during the day a chore, which totally sucks for me because by the time it's cooled down, Elspeth is in bed asleep, so I can't go out then! (At least, not if Aidan isn't home. Which he often isn't. Work.)

I'm going a bit stir-crazy, to be honest. It's true that a considerable portion of my social life has always been online, but I'm missing the face-to-face aspect of having a job. I feel that I need to leave the house more often, see more people, do more things. But it isn't easy, with little Ellie still needing so much sleep and something like routine. I can't be spontaneous, I can't do anything alone, I can't get the pram onto the buses here, I can't take her anywhere for more than a couple of hours unless I also have the porta-cot to put her to bed. I know that sounds like a laundry-list of complaints, but that's just how it is. I would like to invite people around here more often - for dinner, drinks, or whatever - but Aidan always seems quite apathetic towards such ideas, and his lack of enthusiasm puts a damper on mine. Aidan also feels that Elspeth is still too young to leave with a friend or babysitter (or anyone other than our parents, who live too far away) so that puts paid to other ideas too. It's alright for him - he gets out of the house, he sees people and does things!

So I sit at my computer while Ellie sleeps, playing games and spending way too much time on Facebook. Gaining weight, losing fitness, wondering if my friends think I don't want to see them...


Andrew said...

I know that you want to see us, (can I use the royal 'we'?) you are just living in interesting times.

Dryade said...

It can be really difficult trying to juggle everything and try to get around...

any chance once a fortnight can go treat yourself to a taxi to a nice library or cafe or somewhere with one fun goal (ie/ coffee out, library group, etc)

Also sometimes you mght need to be a bit more upfront, offer a date and time to Aiden perhaps and see if you can book it out for having people over?

Silly huge country, but am sending hugs anyways.


Stace said...

Very interesting indeed, Andrew! We're coming down in a couple of weeks, we'll have to catch up :)

Dryade, I think you're right, I'll have to start doing that - forcing myself to just have some TIME, and do something. Silly huge country, hugs hugs :)

Cazzie!!! said...

I know this feeling you have... it is hard to describe it, but enjoy Ellie while she is this little... I enjoy my kids now, but I miss them being babies. I guess we always want to be somewhere we are not... and so we ought to try to be in the moment more frequently :)
We are fortunate to have the kids at an age where we have an Au Pair. Allowing me to work the same shifts as hubby and then us having the same days off to travel as a family. Still, I look at the kids and miss them being a bit smaller.

Jewel said...

I do know how you feel, Stace.
Taking care of little Jaylon has really put the crimp in my going out as much as I used to.
I mean, going to town or the library is a major deal because of the need to take so much along with me and such.
I do get out to church three times a week but then, I don't have Jaylon those times. He's with his mom and dad.
I don't begrudge this time of taking care of this little bundle of happiness at all. I love him to bits, but the house does get a bit "small" at times and I do miss being around people and having the interchange with them.
But Jaylon will be walking before long and it will be easier to take him places possibly.
I do have friends that stop by occasionally and that helps!
Ed doesn't always understand either.
So hang in there! :-) It will get better gradually.

Stace said...

Ah, the mothers - Cazzie and Jewel! You know how it is. haha

The good news is, I have three social engagements lined up in the next week or so! Yay!! :)