Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The world of Stace right now... Aidan's into his second week of night shift, so I don't see an awful lot of him - at least, not awake.

We have a property inspection tomorrow, and if that bloody woman mentions my unwashed dishes again I'll rip her head off. Her job is to inspect the condition of the rental property, not my housekeeping. Also if she mentions the garden I shall point out that Australia has been in drought for about 15 years so I'm not about to waste water on this pathetic excuse for a garden.

On Friday afternoon we're heading down to Victoria for a few days - it will be Elspeth's first ever visit to her parents' home state! So that'll be fun. Friday morning won't be fun at all, because she will be getting injections. Ouchies!

I'm quite tired today. I went to a friend's place for a "party" last night - just because it was Tuesday, and she had leftover wine. I didn't stay that late, but having such fun got me buzzing so I couldn't sleep for ages after I got home! And then, of course, Aidan got home at about 5.30am, and then Ellie woke up at 7am... so it was a short and broken sleep for me! Again. Not to worry, it's all in a good cause!

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