Friday, November 05, 2010

Begin rant.

Right, I hate people. Honestly, I never saw myself as being that great, until I started comparing myself with others.
So many people in the world are stupid, will-fullly ignorant, weak-willed, greedy, petty, and filled with hatred.
Oh my, I guess I fit into that last category, at least!
Seriously, I can't go ONE SINGLE DAY anymore without wondering WHERE DID HUMANITY GO WRONG??? Whether it's reading the news, or talking to friends (or mere acquaintances) or reading forums... there are fucked up people everywhere. I'm beginning to come to a point where I wouldn't mind if mankind went extinct, even though it would take me and the few people I love too!

My virtues:
I admit my ignorance on most matters, and will change my mind on something if enough reliable information is presented.
I try to discuss differences of opinion in a calm and rational manner instead of striding off in a huff.
I have come through some shit in my life and GOTTEN THE HELL OVER IT to reach a stage where I'm happy with what I've got - I don't do "traumatised".
I have NEVER gotten drunk to a point where I've done something completely and totally screwed up like this guy.

Why are there people older, and presumably wiser, than me, who just can't get their shit together and/or can't act like decent human beings?

So over it.

End rant.

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