Monday, November 29, 2010

Ellie at mum and dad's
Elspeth has been a holy terror today! Perhaps holey might be the better word; she's got a graze on her head and a cut on her toe! But the injuries, as usual, don't seem to bother her. She's just having a random grump day. I guess it's because she just spent three days with her grandparents (my parents), and now she's back home and it's sooooo booooring!! Nanna and Poppa dote on her all the time and play with her and think she's awesome; but Mummy's trying to do other things - god forbid I do anything other than pay attention to the child!

Uni started today, for me, so I've been really keen to get into it. I have done quite a bit, certainly more than I expected to, but I was constantly distracted. I find it somewhat ironic that I was neglecting the eduation of my child in order to educate myself about educating children... (I'm doing a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education), so perhaps I should be applying each page-worth of knowledge immediately after reading it in order to keep the girl happy!

I have far too much on this week - which is why I wanted to get stuck into uni work today. Tomorrow I have a friend coming over for dinner; Wednesday is my grandfather's funeral (don't worry, we weren't close); Thursday is our mothery meet-up. Friday... oh, I think I actually have Friday free! I believe I shall sleep. :)

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