Wednesday, July 02, 2003

First day of work was today! If you could call it work - we have 8 days of training before we really start, it's like being in school again only I'm getting paid for it. Neat! So, we learnt a little about TeleTech, a little about what we're in for, and a lot about Occupational Health & Safety (henceforth referred to as OHS). Seems like I'll be working with a bunch of weirdos, and some real nice 'uns too, which is good enough. Also seems like every call centre has it's token gay guy(s), what's with that? It's like walking through the cosmetics department in Myer.

I "worked" from 9-5 today, which meant I was absent from home between 8am and 6pm - when I got home, boy was Zeus glad to see me! Purring and snuggling like a thouroughly neglected cat! Up until I typed that, at which point he bit me.

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