Friday, July 11, 2003

Well that was pointless. This entire site is about updates, right? Anyway...

I have completed training! Did two tests - one written, one mock call. I got 100% on both of them, I am teh call centre guru! If you want to know anything about TXU and/or the energy industry, just ask me! I also made an actual call to an actual customer today, I didn't do too badly! As of next week I start at 11am and finish at 7pm, I like those hours!

I am making a new committment to lose weight. The old attempt failed miserably, I swear I've gotten fatter in the last two weeks. A new effort must be made! A six-inch roll from Subway, water, no cookies. That's the new lunch plan. Daily excercise will be slighly harder now I'm working, but I'll do my best to fit something in and spend less time reading in the bath!

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