Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Work today was pretty neat, I was doing QA! I shall explain:

Each time somebody makes a sale over the phone, we record what's called the EIC, or Explicit Informed Consent, which is just a verbal contract over the phone. After the EIC is recorded, it must be listened to (verified) to ensure that all the questions were asked and answered in the positive, and that all information necessary was given by the CSR (or, as they like to call us, the Energy Consultant).

So my job today was listening to recorded EIC's and either passing or failing them. It's reasonably easy to pass - simply follow the script, it's all in there. I had to fail one because he didn't mention the 10 day cooling off period in the EIC.

What it meant for me today was that I was off the phones! Not talking! Sparing my sore throat (which I have due to a cold caught from somebody at work, eh Jamiu!?)!!!

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