Saturday, November 22, 2003

At Bohuler's place I am. Waiting for wedding time to roll around - his brother is getting married today, and acting surprisingly calm about the whole thing. So naturally I've taken over the computer with minimum fuss and decided to blog.

More about the Australia Post job: It's permanent, as opposed to the contract I've been on for the last six months at TeleTech, so much more job security and stuff. It's paying 32k + super, whatever that comes out to - probably about 33k or something. It's on Lonsdale St in the city, so I can still catch up with the old TeleTech crowd - and I fully intend to, as life without Liny, Wayne, Jess, and Ria, would be unacceptably boring. The Royal Melbourne Hotel will still be there, packed full of TeleTech people and me of course. I think my hours will be from midday to eight pm or something of that sort, which is fine by me - I am very much a late night person and I don't like mornings! The first week is induction, or training, and I'm faily sure that's nine to five-ish. Sweet.

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