Thursday, November 27, 2003

What a bloody night! I've had Derek on the phone trying to get in contact with Chris via me, and I've had Cossack on the phone threatening to murder Chris and Nads for fucking in his room. So there I was, standing outside Cossack's door too terrified to go in - in case of what I might find - yelling out and banging on the door. I went in once, I yelled "I'm coming in so stop screwing and get some clothes on" - I walked in, and there's Chris's belongings all over the place and I think Nadine's bag on the floor... and the bathroom door closed. So I scooted back downstairs, wrote a note, and went up again to put it under the door.

The note: To the effect of...

"Chris, call Derek ASAP. Also Cossack knows you are using his place as a love nest and intends to murder you when he gets home on Monday. He also says he's inflicting a lifetime party ban on you both. DIE!"

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