Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Right, that was a short and boring post. I wonder what I can do about that. Long and interesting sounds good to me. Always assuming I can find that much to write.

I already miss bloody TeleTech! Or rather, the people from TeleTech. Of course I was missing Craig for a while, but at least he was still in the same building, and I've seen Amanda a few times since she left. Now I have even more people to miss. Oh sure, the Australia Post people are fine, very nice, etc. But I doubt I'll ever find another Wayne, or another Dolly! Of course in many ways this is a good thing! I'll still catch up with Liny and Lina and possibly Payal and maybe some others too. I'll have to make an effort to get down to the Royal Melbourne Hotel every now and then, on Fridays. This is quite new for me - to actually have friends from work that I want to keep in touch with. I never cared so much about so many people before! I flatter myself in believing that they actually liked me too - also somewhat new.

Somehow no matter what happens in my life so far I can never quite forget high school. Fucking high school. Never was there a more wretched hive of scum and villiany. Never bring an intelligent child into a small country town. The prejudices and narrow vision there will kill it. 300-odd people all giving you hell for six years is not exactly a morale builder. Sure it was three years ago and I'm totally over it - but I can't deny that if left an impression, of course it did. Those years were my primary years of self-development, whatever happened during those years would have a profound effect on my character and my outlook on life. Without Sandi's strength and friendship I would never have made it through high school. I'd have buckled for sure, given in, lost. Sandi was the strongest person I knew. I remember when she slapped Laura - I don't remember why exactly, probably just for being Laura, that should be reason enough. I remember her pulling handfuls of somebody's hair out, and slamming someone's head with a locker door. I remember how neither of us was accepted, both for very different reasons. Thrown together in group and pair assignments in classes, left alone together in the schoolyard. Two weird little kids. Isn't that always the way?
I remember not so very long ago, sometime in the early stages of my relationship with Dave, he made some remark - I don't even know what it was, but it was something that reminded me of the cruel and hurtful remarks Tommy used to make, and I cried.

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