Sunday, November 23, 2003

My computer works again!!! Thanks Paul, for fixing it for me!
However the new discovery is, it was not my boot drive that fucked up, it was in fact my storage drive. So I've just lost 14 gig of mp3's, 10 or so movies, every episode of Futurama, and shitloads of South Park. Oh, and my porn. All gone. I will choose to look at it in a positive light - it means I can start all over again and download only things that I actually want. I will end up with quality, not necessarily quantity. Although having over 3000 songs on my computer was quite impressive, most of them were crap. I have some Whitlams and some Ben Harper downloading at the moment. Slowly. Good old dial-up.

I need to create a list of people I want to keep in contact with. If I don't write them all down, I am sure I will forget all their surnames and therefore be unable to find them!

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