Sunday, April 11, 2004

Boardgames night last night. I'm so tired! It was a lot of fun though. I'm glad Emily came up all the way from Geelong. She needs more friends, I guess she can borrow some of mine. Pity Kat couldn't make it, but we had fun anyway! She'd have liked it though. So anyway, we played Balderdash, which I've never played before but I remember my parents being in hysterics over it years ago with their friends. It was really funny, I think I picked the right people to play it with - Andrew and Emily were particularly inventive. Playing Scattegories was probably a mistake - we ended up with a few near-arguments over whether a particular word or phrase should be allowed. In that game, Andrew's inventiveness and lateral thinking were against him and he didn't like that one bit! All in all, though, a very enjoyable night. Chantel piked out around 12.30, Andrew lasted a bit longer before taking a taxi home at 3am. Emily sat up all night reading (yes I mean literally all night) while I attempted to get some sleep with the light on and Emily making weird noises!

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