Monday, April 12, 2004

I had a really weird dream last night. I was in a strange house with about six people I've never seen before in my life - I think my subconscious made them up. We were getting on well, everyone was really nice, and the main guy was gay. Then suddenly the gay guy told me that his name was Dion, and his online nickname used to be TT, years ago. I yelled "I know you! You're a bastard online!" and I almost got up to leave. But he said he knew he was a bastard, and apologised. Then all seven-odd of us piled into a car... they were going somewhere specific, but they also offered to drop me off at work. So I agreed, and they drove me to Springvale. Somehow this seemed perfectly ordinary, even though I work in the city. I remember calling Wayne to say I'd be late in to work, even though at Post my team leader is Nik. Wayne was my team leader at Teletech! It was all very strange.

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