Sunday, April 25, 2004

Well, Brad's in Melbourne for the Radiohead concert tomorrow, so mum and dad came down to catch up with us. Quite nice, lunch and so forth. Brad just finally broke up with Kim - hard to keep up a relationship with one person living in Canberra and the other in Malaysia. They've been together for several years now... three or four, I guess. So that's sad, I liked Kim a lot. But it's probably the best thing for both of them.

Deep Purple concert last night!!! God it was awesome. For a definition of "ROCK"... listen to Deep Purple's Highway Star. Or Space Truckin'. Or, well, almost anything! I'm still buzzing. That was one hell of a rock concert. Started at 8pm with Billy Thorpe as the support, he was excellent. He played for perhaps 45 minutes. Then Deep Purple came on and played till 11.30, wow!!! They are the most amazing performers... that really makes a live show worth seeing. It's nothing like listening to an album. They don't just do their music, they make it individual and fun every time. Fantastic stuff!!!

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