Monday, April 12, 2004

Just got home from the "date" with Jon! A really nice night - movie, walking, and talking. So far we're getting on very well, which is a good start. He's quite the gentleman... I'm not sure if this means he isn't attracted to me and doesn't want to touch/kiss me, or if he just doesn't want to rush things or make the first move! I have no problem at all with gentlemen, but it does cause confusion! It's not really important - it'll sort itself out in time. After all, it's very early days yet. I'm rather out of practice at beginning relationships and so forth, I haven't really tried in about... three years. So I'm feeling my way gently... wondering, and to a certain extent hoping, but not expecting or forcing things. Ah well, I feel like a child again, but I suppose I'll grow up again - at least as much as I've ever grown up!

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