Thursday, May 06, 2004

RMIT's Snatches was tonight. Some very good performances as usual from Andrew and Richard, as well as most of the new actors. But I'll never forget the monologue Andrew wrote and performed: A Trip to the Psychiatrist. It was apparently based on a true story about his grandfather drowning... I will be forever haunted by the image of Andrew standing alone at the front of the stage shouting "It was my fault! It was my fault!"
Typically of him, he'd never mentioned this painful incident or the guilt he felt about it to me. I think Andrew needs my friendship as a kind of comic relief, he doesn't want me to be serious, or someone to confide in. I am torn between feeling that he doesn't trust me, and knowing that he needs this particular relationship with me.
However the other performances were comedic and highly enjoyable... except perhaps the bit at the very end when Richard and another guy ran back onstage completely naked.

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