Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tonight's been kind of funny. I've been looking through photos, both material and digital, thinking back on old times. A trip down memory lane, if you like. I got down my big box of junk as well, all the stuff I've saved just because it might be interesting to look back on later. As it turns out, "later" is tonight. This picture of me brought back memories of that entire trip up the coast with Dave. We made it up to Rockhampton. The whole trip was pretty much unplanned, we just started driving and stopped wherever we felt like it and stayed as long as we wanted. It was a lot of fun. Somehow we went the entire holiday without a single fight - rather unusual, between Dave and I.

I can't believe what I have in that box. Two and a half years of accumulated Dave-ness, as well as miscellaneous junk, the letter Jon dumped me with, movie and concert tickets, and a copy of Yoko Ono's photo of John Lennon's bloodstained glasses next to a glass of water. I still have the card my brother gave me for my 16th birthday, and after five years I still think it's funny. I've even got a picture Brad took of Brutus, my old Jack Russell Terrier. I really should find some way of organising all this stuff instead of just chucking it in a box. Something to think about...

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