Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I was in the process of writing a long and pointless email to Aidan. Then I realised that it was long and pointless. But in my opinion, the content is kind of interesting and I didn't want to waste it. So I thought I'd just paste it here.
wasn't it chantell who said you fit the profile for a serial killer?

given that most serial killers are psychopaths (eg, john wayne gacy, richard macek, ted bundy), they show the following characteristics:

1. lack of remorse or empathy
2. shallow emotions
3. manipulativeness
4. lying
5. egocentricity
6. glibness
7. low frustration tolerance
8. episodic relationships
9. parasitic lifestyle
10. persistent violation of social norms

you have a great deal of empathy and remorse (eg, with chantell the other night)
i can see the depth of your emotion every time you look at me, so you certainly don't fit in number 2.
i doubt you could manipulate your way out of a paper bag! (or maybe you just want me to think that...)
you've admitted to me that you don't like lying (of course, you could have been lying)
you sure as hell aren't egocentric
unsure about glib... i'm inclined to say you're not
i haven't annoyed you yet, so your frustration tolerance can't be THAT low
episodic relationships - possibly, i haven't dug that deeply into your past and i don't want to!
parasitic lifestyle - as above
number 10, yeah, but social norms are boring.

but what about the serial killers who aren't classified as psychopaths? they generally tend to have other illnesses such as munchausen's syndrome (including by proxy). genene jones is a good example. she was a nurse who killed at least 30 children in her care, all the while pretending to be caring for them and trying to make them better.

did you know that a lot of serial killers also have difficulty distinguishing between people and objects, or between people and other people... that is to say, all people are just people, they can't tell them apart. i once read somewhere that some autistic people have that characteristic too. no link, no relevance, that i know of, i just found that interesting.

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