Saturday, September 24, 2005

I suppose I should detail my Post-Post celebrations.

Went out last night with some Posties - Pete, Dave, Amanda, Serita, Michael (ex-Post), Louise, Mus, Stacey, Mark, and Richard. I think that's it. I got very very drunk. I didn't really feel it until after I left... managed to get home ok, and even coherently talk to a lady on the train. But once I got into bed... well, I got up, puked, went back to bed, and passed out. Apparently when Aidan got home he was all looking after me and stuff, wet cloth on the face to stop me getting a hang-over, and talking to me... I vaguely remember something wet. Nothing else, I was that out of it. He's such a sweetie.

Tonight I'm by myself - Aidan was working, and staying at his parents' place tonight. So I watched School of Rock (yes, the Jack Black one), and then started listening to full-on rock music way up loud... moved on to some punk/ska kind of stuff, and I've been dancing around like an idiot.

So, my Post-Post celebrations are complete. I have made a fool of myself both in public and in private, and I don't regret a moment of it!

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