Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well, that's it. My days at Post are over.

It's been an interesting couple of years. I started there in November 2003 - young, naive, inexperienced. It was part of my "utter change" - breaking up with Dave, moving back to Hawthorn, leaving Teletech behind me for a new job. It was a month of turmoil. So, into the International section of the CCC I went. Only problem was - for my first week, I was taking Domestic calls. So, I sat with a group of people who only knew International things, asking them Domestic questions. Odd. Things got easier in my second week when I was taking International calls! There I remained for about nine months or so - going through several Team Leaders including Ness, Nick, and Damo. Damo was the beginning of my REAL time at Post. He was annoyingly encouraging and positive! He took me with my apathy and ignorance, and he schooled me and obtained training for me. He eventually got me placed in the Domestic Resolutions Team - for "two days", mind you - where I actually stayed for the rest of my time with Post.

Time in the Resolutions Team was far more interesting, and there I discovered that nobody knew everything about Post. The team's knowledge was spread over each member of the team, so that all together we knew everything or where to find it! The team was diverse, interesting, intelligent - among the best people I've worked with. Once again, I out-lasted several Team Leaders: Carolyn, Vicky, Dale.

Everybody says this about Post - whilst the work itself may suck like a vacuum cleaner, the people there are fantastic. I didn't say it, because I didn't want to sound like a parrot. But it's true. I will miss a lot of those people, and I hope we all keep in touch.

Anyway, I'm now well into my first day of unemployment in about three years. The morning was lovely... laying about, breakfasting in a cafe down the road (they're not kidding when they call that the Big Breakfast), op-shopping... Then Aidan had to go to work. I finished my jigsaw puzzle, made some nachos, had a cup of tea... and now I'm a little bored. Retrospective, too. Looking back over the last couple of years...

Before he left, Damo once said that he'd seen the changes in me since I started dating Aidan. I didn't see it myself, but he said I was happier, more confident, and optimistic.

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