Sunday, September 04, 2005

I've had an odd day, but a good one. Sort of semi-domesticated but semi-contemplative. I've made bread, muffins, and soup, but I haven't done any cleaning or dishes. I brought back a shell from the beach and was amazed that all the sand in all the world is basically made up of similar shells, worn down by the simple motion of the waves. I sometimes think I've lost a lot of the "child" of me. That bit that gets enthralled by a thought like that, or just does crazy things without thought for the consequences. I don't know if I have an inner child - just an inner mother telling me to wear shoes if I'm going for a walk or I'll end up with splinters and callouses and other apparent nasties, and not to go skinny dipping because I'll only have to walk home dripping wet and I'll catch cold.

On a lighter note - everything is wonderful! Life is a haze of happiness, anticipation, love, and so forth! Last night Aidan plied me with sparkling shiraz, and covered the bed in rose petals.

I'm trying to sort of diet - in a sensible and non-extremist way. I'm mostly just trying to cut down on needless snacking, and get more excercise. But I want to snack! The only way I can not-snack is by not having any snacking food near at hand. I'm hungry! I think it'll be time for dinner as soon as that man walks in the door!

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