Saturday, November 10, 2007

I went to see Bad Religion last night. It was so good! I'm not such a fan that I own all their albums and know all their songs, so a lot of it was new to me but I think I suddenly want to own more albums and know more songs. I was debating going, since Aidan obviously couldn't go with me, but I did and I'm glad I did.

In other news: I have no other news. I have no plans for this weekend, and nothing is really suggesting itself. I can't just spend another whole two days inside reading, not when the weather is so gorgeous. Perhaps I should pack myself a picnic lunch and walk down to the beach... with both my cameras: dad's old Minolta, and my new digital Canon. That could be nice. Ginger beer, cheese and crackers, fruit salad... hmmm this sounds promising. Lunch or dinner? Dinner would mean I could watch the sunset. But lunch would mean I could start organising it right now. Both?! Maybe. I am pretty lazy, it might never happen. But the idea is good.

I should definately do some housework first. I'll have a shower, put some washing in the machine, put on my Bad Religion CD and wash some dishes. Cool.


homo escapeons said...

Get out there..I'm sitting around waiting for Winter..and by Winter I mean Winter!

You made me hungry..I melted some butter and I am dipping MOCK CRAB..which means I have no frickin' idea what I am actually eating...but aside from the fact that I am basically pouring crazy glue in my arteries..
it's pretty good.

Now Go live by an Ocean!

Keshi said...

Good on ya! Im glad u enjoyed em :)

**In other news: I have no other news.

LOL Stace ur unique!