Thursday, November 08, 2007

I've been very lazy with my posts these past few days. And lazy I continue. I have some pictures I was going to upload here, but do you know how much work that is?! Here I am, tired from work and with a headache, and you want me to upload pictures?! Well!

With my impending move to Canberra and complete change of life, I am also tossing up career changes. One of the many which keep returning to my mind is nursing. I'd love to feel that I was helping people in a real and tangible way; I can handle blood and stuff; I can keep calm in an emergency unless there is also a spider present in which case I panic until somebody else kills it. No other career path seems quite as rewarding and challening to me. Also the opportunities of travel, working with aid agencies and so forth, beckon to me. The concept of charity work in third world countries also greatly appeals, but you don't get paid for that, so if I could nurse my way there instead that would be amazing.

Look at all my pipe dreams. Who am I kidding? I have no doubt I'll end up in a boring office wearing a suit and saying "yes, sir" to some fat sleazy bastard who makes a trillion dollars a day whle paying me a pittance.


Menchie said...

The good thing to being young with your whole life ahead of you is that there are unlimited choices.

I think you are at an exciting time of your life. Good luck with the career choices, am sure you'll figure out what you really want and excel at pretty soon!

Keshi said...

Changes r always good for the soul..I wish u and Aidan all the best!


homo escapeons said...

You need to re-focus.

It's time to 'raise the bar' and see yourself becoming a fat, sleazy, bastard making Trillions of Dollars!

There, that's better.

Lletna said...


Look into what you are feeling - look at what it would take to be a nursing aid - can you do the training in Canberra?