Sunday, November 18, 2007

In the leadup to the election, I am once again contemplating the creation of my own micronation. I can't help but feel, no matter who wins this one, very little is going to change or improve. Surely the path to happiness lies is owning your own country? Imagine making all the rules - or not making any rules, as the case may be. Wouldn't it be nice to feel pride in the country you live in, rather than shame?

Where does one start, in the creation of a country? I imagine I would need to own land first. That could present a problem, since I don't own land and can't afford to right now. So hypothetically, if I owned land, would next? A letter to the present Prime Minister, I suppose, announcing my intention to seceed. At some point I'd have to create a proper policy statement and maybe some laws, citizenship requirements and so forth. I don't know if I'd bother with stamps and my own currency, not unless the micronation really took off and they appeared necessary. Maybe I should try contacting Prince Leonard of Hutt River Province to ask for advice.

Here's a few raw unprocessed ideas for policies, laws, ideas, social structures... bear in mind this is all off the top of my head:

Putting the environment before the economy as much as is practical, preferably at all times
Gay rights including marriage and adoption
Acceptance of refugees and asylum seekers, and providing them assistance in training and job-seeking
No religion will be recognised by the state, but citizens have the right to pursue all their beliefs and customs provided these are with peaceful intent
Every permanent resident will be expected to spend one hour a week doing community service or assisting the government (this extends to visiting citizens who are residents elsewhere) - mainly because I don't really have plans for a public service, so somebody has to get things done! I might even pay them for it.

Well, who wants to join my potential micronation? Should I begin accepting applications for citizenship?!


BUMBLE!!! said...

A lot of your ideas sound pretty fair though I would have 2 questions

1. ALL asylum seekers? How about all asylum seekers willing to contribute to the betterment of the nation through active dedication to the principles of your micronation.

2. why stop at 1 hour? that's pretty much get into work, take off the coat, get a cup of coffee or water, answer the e-mails, and hit the morning meeting briefly. I'd go for at least 20 hours. Besides, we're nation building. We could make it a full time gig at 50 hours a week. Promise good benefits and you'll get your crew.

Good luck.

Stace said...

Bumble, you make good points there, thanks for the tips. Lets face it, when it comes to building a new nation, little old me will need all the help I can get! :)

lee said...

As REM sang :"let's put our heads together and start a new country up"

You forgot something very important, stace -the anthem must be a Monkees song.

Keshi said...

ur pretty good at this Stace! Im impressed.

i.o.w. both Rudd n Howard need to give u a chance to contest :) Im serious btw.


Stace said...

Lee - which Monkees song? Because I was actually thinking of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", but if you've got a better idea, bring it on!

Keshi - do you mean I need approval from the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader before going ahead? Hrmmmm that could be a problem!

lee said...

Hmmm..which Monkees song? It sounded like a good idea at the time. Ummmmmm......what about......go and look at CD cover....O.K. -what about I Wanna Be Free or Take A Giant Step. Even Daydream Believer might fit the bill :).