Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day is yet another occasion on which I feel at odds with everybody. It's such a big deal here, commemorating our fallen soldiers and stuff. I understand intellectually that a bunch of guys went to some shitty places and experienced some shitty things, and loads of them got killed, and that if they hadn't the world would now be a very different place. But honestly, emotionally, I don't really care. It all happened long before I was born, in places I've never been, to people I never knew. All I feel is slightly uncomfortable and guilty at not feeling anything more. I feel like the media and my fellow Australians are trying to manipulate me to care, but I don't understand their purpose in doing so. I feel like a complete outsider, an alien, almost a criminal. Especially here in Canberra, where it's practically blasphemy not to go to the Dawn Service. I slept until 10, so there. Fuck it.

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Cazzie!!! said...

Good for you for sleeping in Stace, you damned well deserve it.
Re ANZAC Day, I think you have the right to feel however you want to about it, or not feel :)
For me, my Grandad went to War and it buggered up my mum's family and buggered my nan and then bugered my much so that she is a mental wreck and she won't seek help...anyhow, I get sad about ANZAC Day..or anything to do with any war because I know that somewhere, sometime, and for generations after, some families are affected badly by it.
Stace... I hope you get heaps of rest this week, and put those feet up after a hard day woman :)