Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rant time.

I took the 980 bus to work today, as is usual when I work on Saturdays at the University of Canberra (my second job). Fine. I got there, and the woman who usually co-ordinates everything was away, leaving some other people in her place. They didn't know I was coming, so they didn't have anything ready for me. So they mucked about getting that done, and that was a minor irritation.

Then I had to go home. I caught the 980 bus again, which worked fine last time and got me home safely. But this time, for reasons unknown to me, the 980 became the 932 when it passed through the city, and thus took a different route. By the time I realised we weren't going to take the right turnoff, we were past it and in unknown territory. So I asked the bus driver the best way to get to Kingston from there. He told me to stay on that bus until we got to Woden, and then take the 938. But when we got to Woden, the 938 had just left, so he told me to take the 900 into the city and then the 938 going back the other way to Kingston.
In short, it took me over two hours to get home, when it should take 45 minutes, and I visited nearly every god damned suburb in this god forsaken town on the way.

Nothing is easy here. Nothing just works, nothing is logical or simple or intuitive. We have found this time and again, in all sorts of situations. This town doesn't make sense, and I want to go home.


Cazzie!!! said...

Huggs Stace, I hope today was a better day..and the day after that too :)

Donn Kopenjz said...

That's bloody must have been ready to go postal!:(

Try to look on the brightside. In 4 billion years the Sun will collapse and life in our solar system will cease to exist..
including the f*cking genius who designed the transit system.