Thursday, April 09, 2009

I see in the news today that a Melbourne train driver has attacked a passenger after the passenger approached him to complain about a cancelled train. My first thought is, the passenger should have used proper channels to make a complaint; it very likely has nothing to do with the driver concerned. In a way I don't blame the driver for snapping: working for Connex recently must have made him very unpopular, subject to countless criticisms and the butt of a hundred jokes. The company has not been faring well lately and it is not his fault, yet, as the person seen representing the company, he cops the blame from thousands of commuters each day. Don't get me wrong, I don't condone violence or the attack itself. All I'm saying is that I can understand the urge to hit back - literally - at the complainant!

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Frank Baron said...

I think most of us have snapped at one time or another. You never completely know what stress might be at play in another person's life. Yet, society can't afford to condone violence.

Happily, in democratic societies we have a judicial system that at least attempts to get it right. And even succeeds once in a while.

If it comes to trial, hopefully all mitigating circumstances will be taken into account and a fair verdict rendered.