Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today has been the least pleasant day so far in an otherwise rather nice pregnancy. I haven't stopped feeling ill all day - I'm not sure if it's indigestion, gas, too much chocolate, or the as-yet-un-felt "morning sickness", or possibly a bit of all of them. I've been extremely tired, as I didn't sleep last night due to feeling ill (see above) and being kicked. And then tonight (during childbirth education classes at the hospital) I had another of my little hot-flush blurred-vision episodes.

I'm thinking of cutting back my hours at work, if the boss will let me, and considering stopping work entirely earlier than originally anticipated, but I just don't know. I feel a bit guilty; work is so busy right now, and I'm the only full-time staff member who can do my job properly. It makes it quite difficult when my immediate boss is telling me to look after my body and my baby and take time off, while my own conscience says that I need to be at work. I guess I'll figure it out in time... but if I still feel like this tomorrow I'm taking the day off.


Menchie said...

Oh Stace, I know exactly how you feel about the work and resting. I hope what you're feeling is nothing serious. I had a lot of bouts of heartburn at around the same time. Do what feels right for you and the baby. Take care.

Jewel said...

Stace, you might be experiencing some indigestion/heartburn more as the baby gets bigger and puts pressure on your stomach/esophagus. I did. I'd never had heartburn before in my life until about the 7 or 8th month of my pregnancy. One night I woke up choking and gagging with tremendous heartburn and thought I was going to die! :-/ Sooo, you might want to cut back on eating in the evening and, sorry to say, the chocolate. :-) ((HUGS))

Cazzie!!! said...

Listening to your body is a good idea..and I know how it is when you FEEL you OUGHT to be at work, but Hell, this is such an important time, and if you feel ill then you sure do need to rest. I am concerned over the dizzyness etc etc... has the Dr done a blood work up at all? Just wondering if it might be the go to see if your haemaglobin is a ok.
Huggs and thinkin' of ya..Cazzie :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh, did you try sipping some peppermint tea..just an afterthought.

Steph Barton said...

pish, guilt! Blatantly take as much time off as possible. Isn't that the point of pregnancy... oh wait...

Hope you feel better tho :) xx

Stace said...

Menchie & Jewel - I don't think it's heartburn... but I have noticed that eating less in the evening helps a little, and I intend on cutting out chocolate :(

Cazzie - I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow, so hopefully she'll do all that jazz, or tell me what's best to do.

Steph - I think the point of pregnancy is to end up with a baby... but sure, taking time off is also good!! :)

WW said...

Hey girl...

Well of course I will completely defer to all of your female commenters, including the lovely Menchie, who it's great to see again...

But I would say that your immediate boss is right...think about you first and put the guilt or whatever of work second on this.

Hopefully it is just the discomfort that mothers feel with a beautiful being inside of them.

What do I know, but I'd think there can't be anything more important right now than you and Elspeth, that's the absolute bottom line.

You need to treat yourself like the most beautiful thing worth pampering and caring for and feeling as best you can, so she can feel as best she can.

So do it, Stace! Jobs come and go. Right now, there's an incredible thing inside you. You both need to be strong.

She'll be beautiful. And so, as her mom, are you. Let that be the most important thing, not your job.

Andrew said...

I will help you out by eating your allocated portion of chocolate. I think it is the only thing to do. I wont be persuaded otherwise. If there is anything else I can do let me know.

The Scottish Elephant


Job schmob!
You're having a baby..Hel-lo!

The world will go on without you (not as well mind you) I wonder if there is anyway that you could do more of it from home?

Listen to nurse Cazzie..if your bp spiked and you need to slow down then by a l l m e a n s
s l o w
d o w n.

Do you have your feet up?
Are you sippin' Tea?
Do we need to plant a secret nannycam to make sure that you're taking it easy.

Oh that Steph she kills me HAHA! :)

Stace said...

WW - my Big Boss has hired somebody for me to start training next week, so I'm hoping that by mid/late next week my job will involve very little... so even at work I'll be able to take it easy, slipping into a supervisory role rather than actually doing anything!

Andrew - that's very generous of you, thanks :)

Donn - sadly I can't do any work from home, as all the materials that I work with have to be stored in secured areas with very limited access. See above comment to Chris re work :)