Friday, August 01, 2003

I'm home and dry! Unlike Zeus who fell in the bath (yet again) and is still damp!

My slackness in updates of late is unforgiveable! It's just that not much has happened - just work. I could write lots of stuff about people you won't know... I think I'll do that, actually.

Maggie called me when I was on the way home tonight, she's now working at Countrywide Media, where I used to work. (Maggie went through training with us at Teletech but unfortunately didn't make the final cut.) She's doing quite well, she said she's been there for 2 weeks and is already consistently getting 2 sales per day which is great for that kind of cold calling work. She told me to say hi to "everyone", eg Charlotte and Liny, and we've agreed to meet up "sometime" for drinks after work, hopefully tomorrow night.

Apparently Ivan or Bruce is bringing a camera to work tomorrow to take all our photos - I'm not sure why. I think Aleeda wants to put them up on the wall, as kind of a hall of fame/shame (depending on our sales, I suppose).

Incedentally, our team did really really well yesterday. Almost everyone on the impossibly tough two-day Bond campaign yesterday got an average of 1 or more (that is, 1 sale per hour), and the team average was 1.06 (sales per person per hour). As a team we were the best on the floor, and I don't think any individual from any other team got 1 or above either.

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