Saturday, August 16, 2003

Working on a Saturday. What a travesty! Not that I'm entirely sure what that word means, but it sounds right. Between calls I type - Jamiu isn't here to chat to and I don't know why! Amanda's here but she's two seats away and she's on a call anyway. Ho Hum.

I enjoyed this job at first. Now I confess I'm getting a tad bored with it. It's only been about six weeks. I just have to discipline myself into keeping going - if I give up every job I have after six weeks because I'm bored with it, I'll never get anywhere in life. Not that I will anyway, but that's beside the point.

Dammit I hate when people are saying "yes" all the way through the presentation and then come out with "I need to speak to my wife" or "I need to see something written down". However, I pride myself on not forcing sales, not being pushy or unethical, so I pretty much have to let it slide. Dammit.

Want sales. Dammit.

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