Saturday, August 16, 2003

Other bloggers all seem to know other bloggers. It's like a community of not only bloggers but friends who blog. I don't have any friends who blog, as far as I know. My friends are largely non-net-savvy, and the geeks I know are just... well, non-bloggers!

Speaking of geeks, my own special geek (Dave of course) is feeling a bit sick today and we can't really figure out why. I think the flu is going around, I hope he's not coming down with that. He says it feels like the way he feels when he hasn't been eating and sleeping properly, but he's been doing both quite well... that sounds odd. What I mean to say is, he has been eating healthily and getting enough sleep. So for now, tis a mystery indeed.

I wonder if my blog is "cool"?

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