Sunday, August 10, 2003

A Profile of my Grandpa on Dad's Side

In general conversation, I have only ever heard him discuss cricket and the weather with any enthusiasm. On the phone, he launches right into gossip (that is to say, a rambling monologue that goes on for ten to fifteen minutes) without even bothering with the usual "Hi, how are you" etc. His wife, my grandmother, died several years ago, after which grandpa kind of came alive and began to do things. He's quite deaf and I recall quite clearly calling him once, saying it was Stacy, and he said "I don't know any Tracy!" and hung up. Like most of my non-immediate family, I don't know him well and don't see him often. He used to be a maths teacher and until a few years ago still took students for private tutoring.

A Profile of my Poppa on Mum's Side

Poppa's got a great sense of humour, particularly when it comes to playing jokes on his grandchildren (which we loved when we were younger). He seems somewhat downtrodden and quiet when nana's around, but on his own he really comes out of his shell. I have no idea what poppa did for a living before his retirement - I know he bred birds, but whether as a hobby or a job I don't know.

A Profile of my Nana on Mum's Side

Nana is very political and very patriotic. She has her views and often finds it difficult to accept that somebody else's views might differ from hers. She worked in politics for a long time, I know that at one stage when the Labour party came into power she left her job because she only wanted to work for the Liberals. I'm fairly sure she also worked as some kind of social worker at some stage, she knows a lot about the misfortunes of people in general and quite a bit about various cultures - Aboriginal, Vietnamese, etc. Nana has a very dominant personality, and oddly enough for an old person she spends a lot of time online and owns a CD burner.

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