Thursday, August 07, 2003

I'm at work, doing QA again! How I love work! I'm just typing this in between email conversations with Charlotte, Liny, Payal, Amanda, Jamiu and I think Bhamini as well. Oh, and in between programs loading too! (Yes, I do occasionally work at work!) I'm having to reject a few sales, of course, it's part of the job... it makes me feel bad, sometimes I feel like a Nasti (oops, I mean Nazi) but hey, I'm being paid for it! As much as I curse QA for their feedback on me and rejecting my own sales, I am obliged to join them and do the same to others! (I exaggerate, I don't hate it that much, it can actually be quite fun in a wicked kind of way.) The great thing about QA is I now know the entire EIC script backwards, upside down and inside out. Oh, and the right way, too.

Ah, food guy. There's a guy who comes round with a trolly with food on it. Nice enough stuff, bit expensive but it's handy not to have to go anywhere to buy stuff.

I just told Amanda that I wouldn't talk about our conversations outside of work, because a) they make no sense and b) they can be taken in more than one way. I lied. We constantly talk about being "pumped" and "pumping" each other... I think it may have started out as a synonym for enthusiasm, but you can guess what we all made of it. And now we're talking about itches... of course, it was itchy legs, but Jamiu started listening at the wrong point and jumped to a very wrong conclusion...

Do you think I've written enough crap for the day? I think it's enough for this post. There may be more later. Beware!

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