Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Phew! Glad today's over. Today and all its hassles. Like Yuri. Yuri received a damaged parcel from the Ukraine and demanded his compensation even though we had no damage report and he'd since thrown out the packaging. I sent him a very diplomatic letter, with Nik's assistance, telling him to bugger off. The way Nik put it is, "It's like we sort of care... but we don't." I like it.

I just found a nifty page full of webcam images of Melbourne in my net-browsings. Well, it's not that nifty.

It's so incredibly nice to relax after a day at work. It can all be so draining. Relaxation is good. Sex, or even a date, would be better. But relaxation will have to do. Anyway, I keep thinking I want company or I want to get laid, but I never think beyond that and realise I love being single far too much to get tangled up with other people right now.

Blogging difficult. Typing hard. I go rest now. Ugh.

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