Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Oh man, today was crappy. Mrs Ho is the caller who sticks in mind. "Isn't insurance enough proof of value for you? Why do you need receipts too?"
Of course we can't pay up on the insurance if you can't show proof of value of the insured items!!! Isn't that just logic? Isn't that how insurance works? Stupid woman!
"How am I meant to get proof of value, it's a suitcase full of clothes, they accumulated over the course of years."
Go to a department store, find similar items, and get a quote. No, I don't want you to visit 500 different shops. Just one shop. Please. Shup up. Dear God make it stop.
She honestly expected simply her word to be enough for us to cough up $500. Just because that's how much she insured it for. I mean really, I could buy a $20 CD, insure it for $500, and then say "That's what it's worth! Really!" Bah.

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