Monday, March 08, 2004

Well, I've just gotten back from a weekend in the country. Took the train up to Seymour on Saturday afternoon, went straight to Sandi's place for her 21st. Oh boy. I drank far too much. I was puking all day Sunday, at mum and dad's place. They were sympathetic. Phew. Still, all in all it was a nice birthday today.
(Today is my 21st birthday, by the way)
So anyway, mum's old friend Chris came round while I was there, I wasn't expecting her but she brought me a present anyway. It's very sweet of her - I don't know how she remembered it was my birthday!
Mum gave me a beautiful matching necklace and bracelet - of course I love them, I picked them myself. She also put together the traditional 21st birthday photo album. It's not too bad, not too many humiliating pictures... besides the fact that I'm in all of them.
I can't believe how old I am. 21. Wow.

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