Friday, March 19, 2004

Gosh, I spend a lot of time bored at work. It's kind of boring.
I'm getting a new mobile phone this afternoon after work. Samsung N181 on Orange's Talksaver 28 plan. Looks pretty funky 'n' stuff. You know, stuff. The thing with the stuff. I like saying that.
I need to kill just over an hour, and make it look like I'm actually busy and doing something for that whole hour. This is not going to be easy. I shouldn't have worked so hard this morning! Not that I did... oops.
Eleven files resolved today. Not as many as I need, but more than some other days. I'm meant to average 20 per day. Monday I did 31 or 32 or something. That was good. But most days last week were 6 or 7 resolves.
Can't wait till Easter. Holidays. I don't even care about the chocolate, I don't want any. I just want some time off. Relax. Do nothing. Nothing is good.

We were having a very interesting discussion here at work about what we would do if a plane crashed into either our building, or a building we can see out the window. It would be incredibly weird. Terrifying. Etc.

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