Thursday, March 18, 2004

I'm at work. Yay!
Last night I met up with Andrew after work, we did our usual wander-around-the-city-for-several-hours thing, which was fun. One of the things we did was wander into the Sanity in Crown. The guy there was hot. He also talked to me. I'm currently wondering if I should drop by again tonight and ask him out. You can tell I'm getting desperate when I'll do something like that. Actually not quite desperate. I just want some enjoyment. I wonder if I'm going to be utterly humiliated, or if he'll say yes? Last time I asked anybody out, I got a put-off - you know, "I can't this week, maybe some other time". The polite refusal. I hate that, I'd much rather they say "I don't want to, bugger off!"
Anyway, Andrew and I saw "Something's Gotta Give", which was pretty funny for a romantic comedy. You can always count on Jack Nicholson.

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