Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I like Dom's theory of the RDZ - Rebound Danger Zone. He reckons that for every month of the relationship, the RDZ is extended by approximately a week. For instance, after a six-month relationship, the danger of getting into a relationship that ends up being only a rebound lasts for six weeks after your break-up. It's not entirely accurate, it's all approximations... but he reckons it's not a bad guide. Let me see - Dave and I were together for 30 months. So that's a 30-week RDZ. About seven and a half months. Well, it's been seven months since we broke up now, I think. I'm well out of the RDZ, I know that... so Dom's theory isn't quite right in my case, but that was an unfair example... I was pretty much over Dave within two weeks of the break-up, and didn't want any further relationships at all for a long time, whether they be rebounds or not. In Jon's case... four years... that's 48 months. A twelve-month RDZ. I should have known it was too soon. If anybody's to blame... well, I guess we both are, a little. I do feel mislead... but perhaps I let that happen to myself. I should have been more cautious. I guess I'll just add him to the list of "Stace's Failures" and move on... I wonder what my next fuck-up will be.

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