Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What a boring weekend, except for Saturday with Amanda. Sunday and Monday felt like the "long dark teatime of the soul". Forty-eight hours of 3pm Sunday. It was rather a relief to go back to work today, and actually be doing something! Needless to say, I feel a lot happier now! It's always good to catch up with folks, and hear about their great and busy weekends. Nice to know someone had fun!

Boh mentioned that he saw Alisa at Mudbash. Damian spent the whole three days on a basketball court. Marina was at her other job and doing some study. Tash went out and got maggotted - twice. I have no idea what Shauny did, he barely spoke to me all day for some reason. And Howard's scored himself more leave, the lucky bastard, so he wasn't in.

Last night was a really weird night. I went to bed at maybe 12.30 or 1am. I tossed and turned, and barely slept. I vaguely remember getting up a few times, getting back on the computer and doing shit. I clearly remember my legs itching like all hell. I think I had about three or four hours of actual sleep, and I kept dreaming of yatchs and ships and the sea. Cool.

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