Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Tim Winton. If I could write like anybody I chose, I'd choose him and his Cloudstreet. I didn't appreciate it fully when I studied that book in highschool, although Mr Brown was such an awesome teacher it was easier to see it through his eyes. I started reading it again this morning, and I was blown away by the pure Australian-ness of it. The style, the setting. The characters, their dialogue... Most books are read with the head, it's rare to find one that I can read with my heart. But Cloudstreet does it to me like no other book. Other books have touched me, made me cry, made me feel, but Cloudstreet does it so effortlessly, so casually, I can't believe it. It has no pretentions. It's just a book, it almost says "Take me or leave me," with a shrug as if it doesn't matter. I'm getting carried away now. I think I'll just go and read it.

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