Monday, June 14, 2004

The most amazing feeling in the world is falling in love. I've done it twice... and, I confess, almost a third time. Almost. It's a good thing I don't read trashy romance novels, or I'd be going insane at the number of "tall dark and handsome" men around (apparently) that I just don't meet! But watching TV/DVD's is more than enough. How come Laura Gibson's got an ex-husband still panting over her, Diver Dan head over heels, and now she's scored Max as well?! Even Miranda has her little fling with the fire-twirling guy, Felix. And me, I'm just back to being lonely again. After Dave, I somehow just stopped thinking about it. I wanted to be on my own, finding myself, doing my own thing. I was happy that way. But I don't feel that way this time.

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