Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm back at work, my throat is still a little hoarse... but a customer just told me that I sound "alluring" on the phone like this. That's a nice way to start the day! Some of our customers are such flirts.


Aidan said...

a horse is a horse of course of course...

oh wait i missed an A.... such a flirt mumble:)

Keshi said...

Stace u know whenever Im recovering from a bad sore-throat, I get this husky voice and ppl tell me it's so sexy. I wanna find a way to keep that voice...any tips?


Stace said...

Aidan - it's not ME flirting! Much...

Keshi - stay sick.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, nice to have that Margaret Hoolahan voice hey :)
Keep lemsipping away, I hope you are better soon :)

Jon said...

hey stace,
last time we talked you were working in the fabric trade, I forget how long ago that was...
-grin- I don't know what I'm doing right now [literally], and I'm grinning because as I looked back it was the "i don't knows" that began the end.
However it was that I came to my recent reflections, I ended up browsing your latest musings.
Both you and Aidan look gorgeous in your photographs, Aidan in a manly way of course.
I don't want to freak Aidan out, ah he probably thinks I'm a freak anyway - you don't need me to tell you (Aidan) that you have a girl of substance [but this is a reminder nonetheless]. One that can sing too, from memory, I hope your [Stace] voice comes back soon.

I'm not resurrecting anything here and I don't want to sound like I'm trying to give you my blessings, just a friendly hello.
I still can't fathom just what it was that made me all crazy way back when, though I'm sure it altered me in some way. Yes I know it's all past, I probably said I was sorry, I do again - sorry I was a dick.

Karma hasn't gotten back to me as such, I'm at Uni, being taught to teach [Primary+Secondary], have a house together with a significant other [not yet as significant as you and Aidan, yet] and still on those two-wheels.

Mmm I smell waffles. Yes, I waffle.
Stace, you rock.
That's what I was really trying to say.

ciao ciao,

ps Stace - kids, soon? ;)

Stace said...

Hi Jon, this is a surprise! A nice one though, so it's alright :) DON'T MENTION THE "K" WORD - kids are a looooong way off! haha

It's good to hear from you, and that you're doing well - you're more than welcome to keep dropping by here :)

Keshi said...