Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well, the Great Leg Waxing of 2007 was last night. Yup, Aidan's legs are now as smooth as a.... well, as waxed legs! He flinched a little as I ripped off each strip, and he drank more wine than strictly necessary for a weeknight... but he really handled it rather well!

In a completely unrelated topic... I hate my job. Well, I love my real job, but I hate what I'm actually doing.

I forget if I've detailed my job story here or not... essentially, my New Boss has "taken full responsibility" for the department - in other words, I'm not doing any export-related work as he tries to do it all himself. I am relegated to the position of General Dogsbody with a focus on Internal Sales: back in the call centre, yay! (That was a sarcastic "yay".) I have been told that eventually the Export department will be expanding, with a third staff member to be hired at some unspecified point in time... apparently at that time I will take on a supervisory role, which would be great for the CV. But if that doesn't eventuate soon-ish... I am so over this call centre thing!!!

Anyway, enough griping. It's a lovely day, a colleague is selling fund-raising chocolates, and I'll be going home to a wonderful husband tonight. That's enough to make me happy for now!


Aidan said...

awww, thanks for the waxing:) legs are a little tender today....mmmm silky smooth..

things will pcik up with work trust me:)

huges hugs tonight....not quite as much wine though:)

Menchie said...

Your boss really sounds like a terrible one! Take it easy at work Stace, things are bound to pick up like Aidan said.

So eat chocolate today and daydream about being with your hubby tonight. :D

Stace said...

Menchie, he's not THAT bad... he just seems to have no people skills. He hasn't tried to fit in here or earn respect, and when it comes to sharing information he either doesn't share it, or shares it in such a tactless stupid way as to cause offence!

I'm sure his wife and children find something in him to love!

lee said...

stace - admit it - you enjoyed torturing aidan with that wax ;). It would have been great to have been a fly on the wall and watch the process :). Don't worry if you feel like a General Dogsbody at work -so long as you aren't treated like one at home -that's the main thing :).

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, my brother outlaw has nice smooth legs always, he rides in a cycle club, so my kids are used to his waxing his legs :)
Too bad you are sad at your job :(

Thought of doing nursing allocations for a hospital? I bet you would be good at it..

Chocloate, a nice hubby and some coffee, yes, you do have it good girl :)

Stace said...

Cazzie - tell me more about this nursing allocation thing?

Bibi said...

At least you can see the bright side of things ... and at the end of the day, if you go home to someone who loves you, that counts for a lot!! ;-)

Homo Escapeons said...

That's the Spirit!
It could be worse
Think Ahead and be Positive.
someday that crappy boss will descend to his level of incompetency and dine on humble pie!

Politics aside the Karmic Boomerang usually comes back to smack people in the side of the head.

That must have been sooo much fun waxing Lance Armstrong! I can't find it on YouTube!

Jewel said...

Well, I am certainly glad to hear that the waxing is completed! Whew! I swear I felt some associative pain even across the masses that separate us, Stace, and we all survived! LOL

Oh, I certainly feel your pain in job difficulties, dear girl. I've had my share in 35+ years of working. They do pass. Things will get better or a new job will come along. Trust me on this one.

And nothing helps like chocolate AND the knowing that you have a wonderful hubby and home to flee to afterward.....a warm, safe refuge. (AND he has smooth legs! LOL) You are blessed!