Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well, I'm feeling slightly better... I probably could have gone to work today... but I went to the doc yesterday to get a medical certificate for one day, and instead he gave me three days off!!! Was I stoked? You bet I was! No work till Thursday! If I felt up to it, I would dance around in joy and happiness.

So today I've spent a little time sorting through the wedding photos. Again. And I've put together a small but growing collection for an online album which can be found here. It's rather nice looking at the photos for me, because the day itself is such a blur in my mind... it all went so quickly I barely knew what was happening!

I must make some sort of plan for today... I think it needs to involve a small amount of housework, a little bit of medication and nose-blowing, and quite a lot of reading. I've just finished re-reading Sara Douglass' Axis trilogy, and there's another trilogy which follows on from that called The Wayfarer Redemption. I've read that before too, but only once, so I don't remember it very well. I'll start on that today, methinks. After going shopping to get some more grapes, maybe some licorice all-sorts (if you only have one it's called a licorice one-sort), and whatever else takes my fancy.

I feel like I'm unemployed again. It's kind of nice, but I wouldn't want to do it long-term again.


Aidan said...

the shots are great

Stace said...

That was an unusually long and in-depth comment from you, Aidan! ;)

Frank Baron said...

Okay, have had time to REALLY check out your wedding pics.

Stace, you were lovely that day which surprises me not at all because you're lovely every day. I don't know Aidan but he radiates warmth and good ol' niceness to me.

You seem like a great pairing to me. Long may you love. :)

Stace said...

Awww Frankie, you make me blush! :)

Jewel said...

I'm sorry to have seemingly shared my cold with you, Stace! How'd I do that?? *grin* I'm feeling somewhat better, but now the hubby has it and that might be a little worse than having it myself! *feeble grin* I hope you can enjoy the days off and that you get paid for them, while recovering. Lovely picture of you, Stace!