Sunday, June 17, 2007

I can't believe how cold it's gotten. A few weeks ago every day was 25 degrees, sunny and warm, and then BAM, suddenly we're getting frosts in the mornings and all-day fogs. I don't like it! If I must be cold, I'd rather be cold somewhere that's meant to be cold: Siberia, Antarctica, England, and so forth. Why, oh why, am I still in Melbourne? Maybe I'll start up a charity fund: Help Stace And Aidan Travel, donate now because they're so bored with staying in one place!!!

Update on my leg: The original wound is healing up very nicely, but I had an allergic reaction to the band-aid. Now I have a big red rash all around the wound, which has actually been more painful than the wound ever was.

In other news: My boss went on holiday for a week and left me alone in charge of the office! I'd only been there for a month before he left, I was a little nervous, but it turns out I did really well on my own. He actually brought me a present from Hong Kong - a lovely fan with a display stand - for looking after the office. He seems happy with me, and that in itself gives me a bit more confidence in myself and my own abilities. I guess I'm a real Office Administrator now, yay. That reeks of conformity and corporatisation, but it can't be helped. At least after I've chalked up a year or so experience I'll be able to get a well-paying full-time job just about anywhere in the English-speaking world. If I want one. What do I want? I don't know! That's ok. I'll have fun finding out.

That was a lot of inane rambling. Sorry about that! Have a nice day!


Aidan said...

Poor leg:) hugs all round.
Glad you posted now i have something to do at work. Its not that cold, you definately get snuggled more than anyone else out there.. (ugg way to cute).

WE need a job we can do together... I got it we form a band of traveling acrobats... its so simple....

Love you

Menchie said...

Let's swap places!!

Too bad about the leg, hope it gets better soon. :D

Keshi said...

Melbourne has to be colder than Sydney. But it's very very cold here too :(

TC of ur self Stace.

And good on ya for doing well on ur own!


homo escapeons said...

Cold? HELLO! If you think England is cold have I got some NEWS for must think that we are insane for living in Canada? It is almost summer here WOOHOO!

Perhaps the Red rash is an indication that your wound needs some antiseptic applications to combat the infection? How bad is it?

Becoming a thoroughly capable responsible person does not make you a conformist corporatist. You could always destroy innocent Mom & Pop retail shops during G8 rampaging and rioting, OOPS I mean 'protests'.

You will need all of those skills to influence opinions and other people...and it will come in handy when you migrate to warmer climes..which in your case is North and that seems sooo weird to me.

lee said...

The thing that aidan wrote was definitely too cute -haha ;). For some reason the computer will let me see this photo, whearas it wouldn't let me see the last one -hope it gets better soon. Well done on being entrusted to look after things while the boss was away -that's excellent.Good on you, stace.

lee said...

re:weather -it's a bit nippy up the coast today -scarf on in the house.

Jewel said...

Hey, Stace! Your leg looks pretty yucky!! Try neosporin. It heals everything! And kudos to you for a job well done while the boss was away! And I love your inane ramblings, so ramble anytime! *smile*

Within Without said...

Has your leg healed by now, then?

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, it IS cold you are right there!!
Glad your leg is healing :)
Wonderful about your job, awesome, well done to you Stace :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stace... long time no see.. a really long time really - a good 3-4 years probably. Its Dave here anyway. Stumbled across the blog - had it bookmarked from way back. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say hi and congrats on getting hitched. Send me a quick email (diliff att yahoo dot you know the rest) if you are so inclined.. I suspect you're not, but be nice and send one anyway! ;)