Sunday, June 10, 2007

They say a picture says a thousand words. So here's a picture of my leg:

Don't worry, it doesn't really hurt, it just looks like it hurts. It's quite impressive. I considered taking it to hospital, but instead I've just antisepticed it and put a band-aid on, that seems to be doing the trick!

In other news, I have a new life plan. I want to create a micronation. I don't want to be part of any country currently existing, except maybe Albania because it has a cool name. So I'll make my own country instead! I realise, of course, that this will take time and money and quite a lot of work. That's ok, I've got my whole life to get things organised. First I need to find some land and buy it. Well, first I need to earn some money with which to buy the land. I thought perhaps a nice big country property which could be worked. I'll make primary produce the focus of my economy, and I'll base the value of my dollar on the cost of licorice all-sorts instead of gold. My laws will include: no cars, no smoking, no spitting, no intolerance of minorities. Each breach will incur a small fine - to the value of ten packets of licorice all-sorts. Further lapses will result in forcible expulsion from the country. I don't want unruly sorts! Just lovely social harmony and peace. Citizenship will be available to all, with no residency requirements - only a small fee of perhaps the value of three packets of licorice all-sorts. I will declare war on absolutely nobody, no matter what. I will grant citizenship and residency to any illegal immigrant willing to work the land or do something productive within the country.

I'll keep dreaming away and planning and plotting, and very probably my micronation will never actually exist. But a woman is allowed her dream!


Lletna said...

you do have a micronation at the moment - it is the area that you are currently renting. The economy well it is powered by imports - you just have to work out what to export - back out to the bigger nation.

imagination is a great thing - but believe in what you have is a greater one.

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh my, I just stated that a picture says 1000 words on another post and here you are saying just that..SNAP!

Steve said...

i love ya painted toenails.....

lee said...

Blast -the computer isn't letting me see the photo.Stace -you remind me of that REM song-has the lyric "let's put our heads together and start a new country up". Or could you be like the Goodies -just tow where ever you are now outside the 5 mile line? :);).

Menchie said... does look like it hurts.

your micronation sounds like a cool idea.

Angel Without Wings said...

Ouch that looks nasty. I prescribe 25 bags of licorice allsorts to be consumed until all taken.

homo escapeons said...

What a great story. I get so disgusted with people that I often dream about starting a country where only charming people are allowed.

No tedious people, period.
Don't care if they are married to the nicest gal in the world she has to dump him.

No exceptions. If the cutest little kid grows up to be a complete idiot out she goes.
I guess that is why no such country exists.

Frank Baron said...

No spitting?

At all?

What if you had one of those head colds that produce ungodly amounts of thick mucous - some of which gets kinda lodged in your throat and hovers there until you hork it into your mouth? Can't just hold it there forever you know. Don't wanna re-swallow...unless you missed lunch that day I suppose.

Well, it's your country. You could ban head colds. :)

Bibi said...

I love the idea of a micronation.

I've been saying for years that I'm saving for my own island! Hope your leg's better now.

Steve said...

Love ya Girl

Stace said...

Ok Frank, you can spit when you're sick!

Bibi - actually I had an allergic reaction to the band-aid, so although the original wound is now healing quite well, there's a nasty itchy rash all around it! hehe I have no luck!

Keshi said...

havent been here in ages Stace...sorry got caught up in another 100 blogs u see :):)


And ur idea of a micronation with all those superb qualities is the NEATEST idea that I've ever heard of!

TC my dear!