Friday, June 01, 2007

Welcome to July! Apologies for the week-long break - Aidan's a computer-hog, what can I say?! My hand is fine, thanks for asking, and I haven't punched any more walls.

I did cry yesterday, but that was unrelated to hand/wall collision. We went to see "The US vs John Lennon". It was quite brilliantly done, touching and insightful. The focus was on his life and the positive aspects, and the scene dealing with his untimely demise was tasteful and not overbearing. However being the massive Beatles & John Lennon fan that I am, I couldn't
help but be effected. I was pleasantly surprised by Yoko Ono's appearances; although I haven't blamed her for the Beatles' break-up since I was quite young, I still never quite LIKED her. But she came close to changing my mind with her presentation throughout the documentary. So anyway, if you get the chance, it's a movie well worth seeing.

In other news, my new job is STILL going well - although today I had to pretend to be an accountant. Maths and figures have never been my strong point. I'm sure I'll get my head around it as I do it more often, but today was a bit of a struggle!

What else have I done this week? My mother came down to shop with me in the city last Saturday, which was rather fun! I scored a nice jumper and a pair of jeans. Sadly last night I found a jacket/coat/thing which I rather fell in love with, but it's about $300 and who can justify that on a single item of clothing?! Well, probably almost everybody. But not I! Not with intentions of travelling and having babies and other expensive things in the just-barely-forseeable future! Not to worry, I'll just have to find other ways of keeping warm over Melbourne's winter instead of buying coats.

I'd better go and help Aidan clean and cook - we're having our favourite vegetarian over for dinner tonight, and we are therefore making our favourite vegetarian dish! (Does that make it sound like I intend to cook Andrew? Oops.)

I'll try not to leave it a week next time!


Angel Without Wings said...

Welcome back Stace and I'm glad to hear your hand has recovered. Tell Aidan Auntie Angel says to give you a shot on the Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Baked Andrew on rice....delicious.

Steve said...

Oh come here and give Uncle Steve a hug!
The nasty man wont let you play on the PC I'll have a word.......
Now where did I put the magnum 44

Lletna said...

not much meat on andrew probably woud stil end up being a vegetarian meal :)

Numbers - well they can only be one solution - that is of course 42!!!


lee said...

I have never blamed yoko. John was a strong character who would have put his foot down if he'd wanted to. When you think of it, it would have only been a matter of time before they broke up -all that talent in one little band.

Cazzie!!! said...

What did you two cook? :)

Menchie said...

Glad you're back! Don't know much about the Beatles but I do like the music. I just always thought Yoko Ono was a bit weird....

What IS your favorite veggie dish?

Andrew said...

Hi Stace,
Thanks for a great dinner, it was terrific!!! I recommend a stay at Casa del Stace and Aidan for all your holiday needs.
I do a lot of walking so they cooked one of my legs, marinated it for a couple of hours...
I enjoy walking on crutches, now I can do it all the time.

Jewel said...

Yes, yes, tell us what you cooked...the favorite vegetarian dish! No trouble getting to the pc here as Ed has no interest in it whatsoever except when he what some info about something and really that makes it pretty nice for me,hm?

homo escapeons said...

I love how the Monty Python guys dealt with Yoko in the Beatles spoof The Rutles..
they made her a German girl whose father had invented the second world war!

I still don't know what to make of her...but I will see the movie.