Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yes, yes, thank you everybody, my leg is healing up very nicely! There's still a bit of a scab, but honestly the allergic reaction to the band-aid was worse! Even that's almost gone now.

I made a funky decision and acted on it in the last couple of days - I've signed up for motorbike lessons, yay! I can't even drive a car (well, I can, but not very well and not without somebody in the car with me), but I want to ride a motorbike instead! For some reason, even knowing all the inherent dangers, a motorbike seems less daunting than a car to me. So I start this Saturday, and will have 3 four-hour lessons covering theory and practice and the acquisition of a learners permit. Now I just need enough dosh to buy a motorbike - anyone got a second hand one for sale?!

As you all no doubt know by now from reading his blog, Aidan passed his physical test, so we're getting all excited and happy - things are finally happening, after almost 18 months of going through this application process!!! We're now seriously considering the implications, such as having to move to another city at some point - I suppose it could be worse, for instance, we don't have to move to the Western suburbs of Melbourne! (Sorry Cazzie, just kidding!)

What else have I been doing? I don't really know! Time runs away sometimes, particularly when life is especially enjoyable like it is just now. I'm still loving my job, and I've been reading some really good books lately (sadly I finish them all too quickly) - George R R Martin and Tad Williams and Neil Gaiman. Yeah, I'm a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy fanatic. I know, I know, I could replace the word "broadsword" with the words "throbbing member" and I'd have a tacky escapist romance novel. But it's different, I promise!!! (If you believe that to be true of all sci-fi, read Tad Williams' "Otherland" series and become enlightened!)

What else... oh yes, the Transformers movie is coming out this week, and fortunately I think Aidan is planning on seeing it by himself so I won't have to pretend I want to see it, or pretend I liked it afterwards, or even pretend I really remember the original cartoons or whatever it was! (He's gonna grumble at me for that, apparently being unaware of certain 1980's television programs or movies is a near-divorceable offence!!)

I have used a LOT of exclamation marks in this post. Sorry about that!!!!!! I'm just happy and stuff.

Now, to embark on that task I have left too long undone - reading and commenting on all my friends' blogs... This could take a while!


Aidan said...

I am so excited about the bike lessons, My baby is going to be a bikie babe:)

No matter what job we will make it work, we are to perfect for something like distance to get in the way.

not knowing 1980's Television, especially relating to Transformers, Captain Planet, Widget, TMNT, or GI joe is almost ground for divorce, i guess i have to accept you are not perfect. At least i improved your taste in music:)

Stace said...

I remember Captain Planet and the Turtles! Kowabunga!!!

Keshi said...

Stace Im glad ur leg is healing...

Aidan is bruised? LOL okkkk!


Menchie said...

My hubby wasn't into 80's cartoons as well but I was! Loved transformers and Voltron and of course the X-men cartoons when they came out.

I have a Tad Williams book, The Dragonbone Chair I think but haven't read it yet. :D I'm also into sci-fi and fantasy.

Glad to know everything's going well with you and Aidan. hey, show us your biker chick look, ok?

Stace said...

Keshi, it's safest not to ask ;)

Menchie, Aidan has mentioned Voltron before but I have no idea who or what that is! The Dragonbone Chair is very good, although it is not the best Tad Williams... that series is a bit "typical" of sci-fi, but usually his books are quite different and cool.

Aidan said...

Menchie: i cant believe i forgot VOLTRON!!!! All i wanted as a kid was the 5 lion set... could never afford it as a kid.... Hrmmmm