Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I am feeling considerably better today. I sold my Muse tickets to my husband's cousin's wife's brother, so he popped into the office today to complete the transaction and it was really nice to see him. He's a lovely chap, very cheery. I've spoken to Aidan a couple of times, and it sounds like he's really enjoying himself and having a great time which is good. I've also heard from his parents quite a bit, they're being really supportive and lovely.

I walked into the city from work this afternoon, for no particular reason. However it was half an hour of brisk excercise, which I think gives me ample excuse to eat a little bit badly tonight! I also got a few nice photographs of the city on the way in, proving once again that Melbourne can really be quite a nice city when it wants...


Menchie said...

Good to know Aidan is doing ok and enjoying himself in the new job.

Those are really nice pictures you took. Melbourne wasn't that sunny during the time I visited. It was cold and grey.

Keshi said...

Good to hear Aidan's keeping well.

See, u HAVE been busy Stace! Lovely pics :)